Choosing a Craft Beer Bar Franchise: Localized offerings. World-class hospitality. - Unique Position -

Welcome to The Brass Tap.

Think of our brand as your neighborhood craft beer bar – only completely reimagined to offer far more than a typical beer bar experience. How? First, we optimize each Brass Tap's extensive beer menu based on local preferences, and we keep such preferences in a fresh rotation throughout the year. Why? This gives guests in each locale "their own" Brass Tap.

We know how to attract guests – and keep them.

In addition to offering over 60+ unique beers, we also offer fresh handmade cocktails and popular wines. Our food selections exceed expectations within the category by putting a premium upscale twist on classic favorites. There's always something going on – from exclusive beer tastings … to trivia … to national sporting events … making The Brass Tap the best social gathering spot in the neighborhood.

Beer Bar Franchise

Perfectly packaged. Ready to implement.

  • We are an ideal bar franchise option for ease of execution.
  • Our locations are competitively sized around 3,200 – 3,600 square feet, plus an outdoor patio of 800 – 1,000 square feet.
  • Our new all-in-one POS system offers an affordable cloud-based platform.
  • We offer an industry leading loyalty program that rewards customers: Brew Crew.
  • We have a unique food menu focused on quality and flavor, that is updated twice annually.
  • Guests can also choose from over 60+ unique beers, fresh handmade cocktails and popular wines.
  • Each location offers HD TVs as well as live events on selected nights – from music to trivia.

Impressing every guest ... At every corner.

It is with this mindset that we have always looked for ways to enhance the guest experience. It begins when guests enter and continues with friendly and welcoming staff offering helpful recommendations or highlighting special beers on tap.

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Brass Tap Craft Beer Bar Franchise